Cryptocurrency has changed the financial game forever. It has opened a new door to buying, selling, exchanging, and managing assets. The mechanism behind this revolutionary currency intrigues a lot of people, both in terms of its potential as well practical use in daily life. Crypto credit cards and debit cards like the Coinbase Card are then a conduit of seamless synergy between digital and traditional financial channels. In this blog, we will delve into what the Coinbase card is and how is it distinctive from other credit cards, their features, functionalities, and how they can become a part of your daily routine. 

What is Coinbase?

Founded in 2012, Coinbase is a leading cryptocurrency exchange that allows users to buy, sell, and manage several cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and 150 other types of currencies. By simply linking a bank account or credit card with the Coinbase account, you can purchase cryptocurrencies that you prefer easily through their website or mobile application

What is the Coinbase Card?

Back in 2019, Coinbase launched the Coinbase Card, which is a Visa debit card. It was initially only available in the UK and EU but later became accessible to all the states of the USA (including Hawaii). The card is a simple way for one to spend cryptocurrency at any retail store or ATM whichever accepts a Visa card, hence converting the crypto holdings into fiat currency at the point of transaction. 

Salient Features of the Coinbase Credit Card

  1. No application fee or credit check as one can apply for it without the hassle of upfront fees or credit checks. 
  2. Widely accepted as the card can be used at any retail store or ATM that accepts Visa with exceptions to places like casinos and marijuana-related businesses. 
  3. Through the reward program, one can earn between 1% to 4% cashback on purchases, as per the preferred cryptocurrency and the current rotating reward structure. 
  4. The daily spending limit depends on the balance available in the Coinbase account, with a limit of upto $2,500 and ATM withdrawals upto $2,000 per day.

Practical usage of the Coinbase Card: How to withdraw money from the Coinbase?

Once the application is approved for the Coinbase Credit Card, one can start using the digital card immediately through the Coinbase application. Also, a physical card allotted shall arrive in approximately 10 business days. Later you can also integrate the card with other payment gateways like Apple Pay and Google Pay after setting up a PIN. 

How to manage your Coinbase Card through the App?

The Coinbase Card application is much more than a platform to let you check the balance. Instead, it is a comprehensive platform that enables you to track your rewards, switch the default cryptocurrencies, select bonus categories, and make purchases or withdrawals with the virtual card. 

Even though Coinbase has removed most of the transaction fees, you must remember that there is a spread that applies when you trade or convert the cryptocurrencies. 

The Dynamic Spectrum of Crypto Debit Cards

As synonymous with any debit or credit card, Crypto debit cards function similarly. The only difference is that they are funded by cryptocurrency. They are issued by networks like Visa or Mastercard which allow for everyday transactions with merchants who receive money as the conventional fiat currency. 

Here is how the mechanism works:

  1. You top-up the card with the desired amount of cryptocurrency via the linked wallet. 
  2. The card comes with robust security features to protect your crypto holdings for Coinbase withdrawal.
  3. Then you can use it anywhere, be it a retail store or withdrawing like conventional fiat currency from an ATM that accepts Visa. hence you can use your cryptocurrency through this card like any other credit or debit card. 

What are Some Popular Crypto Debit Cards?

  1. visa debit cards offer upto 8% cashback and are available in approximately 90 countries.
  2. BlockCard is a prepaid card that has no deposit or exchange fee and also supports multiple cryptocurrencies. 

Pros and Cons of Crypto Debit Cards:

Pros Cons
No exchange fee when used abroad.Today, not all cards support cryptocurrency and the usage varies from region to region globally. 
Easily use it at millions of retailers.Usage of crypto triggers taxable events as the conversion of crypto into fiat currency can incur capital gains or losses. 
With the surge of businesses using crypto, this is going to get more practical and convenient in the future. Also, the purchasing power increases when crypto appreciates, hence making your holdings worth more. As crypto is highly volatile, it fluctuates your spending power significantly. 

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What is the Future of Crypto Credit Cards?

As cryptocurrency gains the center stage in the world financial circuit, these cards such as Coinbase shall become more mainstream. Moreover, with the upsurge in the investment of financial institutions in cryptocurrencies like Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, and CashApp, there lies a promising future for these financial products. However, these cards shall also remain much susceptible to financial regulatory uncertainties, government restrictions, and fiduciary laws which will hinder their rapid proliferation in the mainstream market worldwide.


Crypto debit or credit cards such as Coinbase cards are a convenient and practical way of bending the crypto mechanism for the real world. With zero application fees, attractive reward programs, and wide acceptance, it is only going to get easier for the general masses to use their crypto assets seamlessly in their daily lives. From a seasoned crypto enthusiast, curious amateur, or intrigued beginner to anyone even a tad bit interested, these cards will be the gateway to the future of finance.

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