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Application (dApps)

Decentralized apps or dApps run on a blockchain or peer-to-peer network rather than one computer. No single authority has total control of these apps. Using dApps guarantees user privacy, lack of censorship, and ease of development which are essential for industries including banking, finance, gaming, social media, and e-commerce

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are programs on a blockchain that only work when predetermined conditions are met. Agreements can be automatically executed without the need for a third party. The blockchain is updated as the agreement is fulfilled and only parties who have signed the agreement can see these changes. Smart contracts are essential for businesses that need to transfer data across multiple parties in a reliable, accurate, and quick manner.

Nuox Technologies, a leading blockchain development company in Dubai works with businesses to increase trust in retailer-supplier relationships and make international trade faster and more efficient using smart contracts.

Public & Private

Private blockchains give only select members access to a network and conduct transactions. If you choose a public blockchain system, anyone who can see and read the ledger will have access to the network. We tailor blockchain development services to your company’s needs.


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