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Our programmers craft future-ready and holistic web applications, integrating the latest tools such as PyPy and Numba to help ensure the success of your platform. Our software engineers are experts in leading programming languages such as Python and Django, ensuring that the best technologies are used in developing your web application.

We help elevate your competitive edge through robust and high-quality applications that cater to your brand’s needs: from software and application development to task automation, AI utilization, and data analysis, we’ve got you covered.

Our web applications are designed for the future, helping cement your position as an industry leader in the Middle East and beyond.

  • Secure
  • Customizable UX and UI
  • User Management
  • Built-in access Control
  • Versioned API changes
  • Multi-libraries

Admin Panels
Made Simple

We utilize Django for a customizable and easy-to-use built-in admin application. We aim to help simplify your business operations with seamless web development services so you can focus on reaching greater heights and achieving your business goals.

Your app, Ready to go

At NUOX, we believe that time is of the essence. We take pride in our efficient work processes that focus on rapid development without sacrificing quality. Our programming gurus are always fired up, taking your vision and shaping them into a fully-functional, adaptable, and groundbreaking custom application in no time.

Unrelenting Speed

Elevated Optimization

Future Growth

Uncompromising Security

Outstanding Design

Flexible Agility


The challenge was to promote KREANIA as a fully reliable investors’ platform. From research to communicating ideas, it was a journey with a deep understanding of consumer behavior and decision-making.

Outstanding Expertise.
Unrivalled Knowledge. Exceptional Skill.

Prototypes and MVPs

Get ahead in the game with a fully-functional prototype and minimum viable product (MVP). Made using Python and Django, our prototypes and MVPs will help you envision how your web application will look and work. We aim to give your business foresight so you can plan your next step, cut costs, and ensure that your web application can cater to your business goals.

Custom web applications

Stand out with a custom web application made just the way you want it. We will help you veer away from cookie-cutter and standardized web solutions so that you can express your branding efficiently and simultaneously create a well-curated experience for your users.

Chatbots and virtual agents

Elevate your customer satisfaction with text and voice AI chatbots crafted using Python. Our Natural Language Processing (NLU) experts help make your customer inquiry process more manageable, and we make sure that your virtual agents stay on-brand and exude professionalism.

Data mining and analysis

We take the burden of going through heaps of raw data off your shoulders with our progressive data collection, data segmentation, and building predictive models. Our data mining and analysis services help you uncover patterns and relationships between various data to provide valuable market insights that will help optimize your strategies and boost your competitive edge.

Test Automation

Using Python-based tools like Selenium, we will conduct API testing, Behavior Driven Development (BDD), and browser testing to ensure that your app is fully functional and ready to go. We ensure that every app element is tested and refined for a smooth and worry-free experience.

Outstanding Expertise.

Unrivalled Knowledge.

Our web application development experts are committed to delivering outstanding results that will help boost the demand for your products and services, effectively taking your business to new heights.

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