How can we help?

With vulnerability assessment and penetration testing services, we create a robust threat prevention and management system for your company website.
Drawing from our decade long experience and expertise, we focus on high quality security testing for enterprises.

What we do

We advise enterprises to periodically conduct network security audits to safeguard network health. Once this audit is complete, the system can be assured of a secure and scalable and IT network infrastructure.

  • VAPT

    VAPT Services refers to security testing that helps to identify and address cyber security vulnerabilities. With the right mix of tools and procedures, our VAPT experts help protect your organization covering global security standards including GDPR, ISO 27001, and SANS.

  • Network Audit

    Network audits are customized services to support businesses that want their IT network checked for security and stability. We rigorously scan your network to spot a range of security vulnerabilities. With this report we can classify risks to your overall cyber security network and advise how to mitigate them.

  • Strengthen Your Firewall

    Our team has extensive experience analyzing various firewalls in the market, including Cisco, Fortigate, NetMate and more. This detailed review contains information on all aspects right from the device and authentication mechanisms, to the log in processes you have in place. With the recommendations we provide from this review, you can kick-start a greater level of security or verify existing hardening practices.

  • Web Application Security Testing

    Web apps are key for business success but can also be a soft target for cybercriminals. Using our ethical hacking services for website and web app penetration testing to unveil vulnerabilities that could be harmful to your business.

  • Mobile Application Security Testing

    Most businesses today have a mobile application that showcases their products and services and is used widely by their customers. These apps can be a weak link to the company’s security position. Does the app link to backend servers? Is information hardcoded into the program code? The scope for things going wrong here is massive.
    Let our tech experts carry out in-depth mobile application assessment for your business’s app with the latest security testing tools. With proactive security measures you will ensure smooth functioning of your app without any hurdles or compromise to vital user data.

Plug the holes in your code that let hackers in.

You have a great application, written by skilled developers with years of coding experience. But your developers are writing functional code. Not secure code. And this could cost you everything.

Our experts specialise in tightening your code to make it impermeable to malware and hackers. We’re the security team you needed but never had.


Sign-Up Instantly

You can sign up for a security audit from our website.

Plan Scope

Chart the scope of the audit based on the technology stack of your application or website.

Our Assessment

We begin our assessment by conducting a vulnerability assessment and share dashboard access with you.

Resolve issues with developers

With the identified vulnerabilities, we work with your developer to correct these issues.

Confirmation test

We conduct a final test to confirm that everything is stable and secure.

Security certification

Now your systems are free of any vulnerabilities and you can get certified from us, to instill trust in your customers and other stakeholders.

Build trust among your customers and partners with a security certificate

You have a great application, written by skilled developers with years of coding experience. But your developers are writing functional code. Not secure code. And this could cost you everything.

We help our clients unlock growth by focusing on four key solution areas:


What is VAPT?

Vulnerability Assessment (VA) and Penetration Testing (PT) are security services that identify and list vulnerabilities in your website’s network, server and system infrastructure.
VA focuses on internal security of your organization while PT is more externally focused.

What does VAPT include?

Right from automated vulnerability assessment to manual pen-tests, all such activities come under VAPT.
The following activities are part of VAPT:

  • Finding and correcting flaws in your system
  • A holistic review of dysfunctional integrations within the site
  • Simulated hacking to present real-life scenarios to mitigate risks
  • Recommendations for your web team about measures to safeguard against potential attacks

Do I need to make upfront payments?

Yes, we work on an upfront payment basis. Security audits require extensive effort in terms of human resources and technological tools which require financial resources.

Will there be any downtime or any preparation I need before testing?

There would not be any downtime. We recommended to set a development environment for PEN Test before we go live with the application.

Till when can I get assistance for resolving issues?

From the day we begin testing, you will be updated with a list of vulnerabilities. We offer support for 30 days from the day our team finishes testing and we share vulnerabilities
with you. During this time our team will work with your developers to support them in fixing bugs using our dashboard. You will also have access to this dashboard and can view the latest developments.

Can I request a re-scan to check if the vulnerability is patched?

Once we have confirmed fixing all the bugs, you can take a look and request a re-confirmation via a re-test. This is possible using the dashboard and our team will be notified to conduct a re-scan. Based on the plan you choose with us, the number of re-scans you can request vary.

Does the security audit only work on certain technology?

The security audit or VAPT works well with different technology stacks on all websites.

Do you work with our developer to patch vulnerabilities?

Yes, our team is more than happy to collaborate with your developers to assist them in fixing the vulnerabilities to secure your website.

How to choose a VAPT company?

Any good VAPT service provider should be verified using the following factors: ● VAPT technology used

  • Depth of pen-testing
  • Number of tests
  • Credentials of web team
  • Certifications