Enhancing Customer Experience With captivating UI/UX design

The Case Study

We have designed Hisense’s webpage following the USA’s standards for eCommerce website designs & the Hime mobile application with the vibrant Hisense brand colors. The app was designed to maintain the connection between Hisense the most trusted retail partner in the industry and their valued clients. Our mobile application design matches the sophisticated and highly innovative brand that is Hisense.


  • Home Appliance
  • Technology


  • 2020


  • Content Strategy
  • Digital Marketing
  • Flutter Development
  • Front End Development
  • Mobile Application
  • Python DJango Development
  • UX Design
  • Visual Design

Case Study

Hisense’s Hime application was designed to provide current and future customers with the best customer experience.
Using the application customers can download product catalogues. Hisense’s existing clients can register the product they purchased, track product warranties, purchase a new warranty, and register for installations/repairs, and software upgrades of products.


The Solutions

This extremely user-friendly application can be used to contact customer care centers, find the nearest service center, message Hisense, or have an online chat with a customer service representative.


Design adds value
faster than it adds costs

Conquering markets.
Driving revenue.

The best way to manage customer experience and ensure satisfaction.

This mobile app is accessible by all, and compatible with all devices to assure Hisense’s customer satisfaction.