Summary: Exploring the triumph of established online food delivery apps can deliver valuable insights into industry trends and strategies. Our blog completely analyzes the key players in the market and their unique approaches to user engagement and delivery options. Whether you’re examining to enter the market or enhance your existing app, this enlightening read will provide you with the knowledge needed to stay competitive in the ever-evolving world of food delivery.

Here is the list of the favoured food delivery apps, defining the business models, revenue sources and workflow of each of these apps. As millions of people in lockdown ordered food online for the first time, COVID-19 has pushed the industry forward a few years.

Food is a vital part of our life, and craving specific food items at times can be hard to avoid. These mobile apps helped us to mitigate the issue by delivering top-quality food to your preferred location.

Food delivery apps not only give customers flexibility in choosing from a vast menu but also deliver the rating of each restaurant and its recipes. One can share his/her experience in front of other users as a review.

This blog will assist you in determining the top-ranked food delivery apps across the world.

Do Food Delivery Apps Make Money?

Revenue is expected to grow at a 12.33% annual rate (CAGR 2023-2027), resulting in a market volume of US$1.45 trillion by 2027.

Top 7 Successful Apps That Deliver Food Across the world

Are you ready to savour the flavour of triumph in the thriving market of food delivery apps? Our blog, “Top 7 Food Delivery Apps in the World,” takes you on a culinary journey through the industry’s key players and their winning strategies for success. Let’s dive straight in.

Here is a breakdown of these food delivery apps by country of popularity:

  • US: UberEats, Postmates, Caviar, GrubHub
  • UK: Just Eat, Deliveroo
  • Asian countries (Excluding India): Foodpanda
  • India: Swiggy, Zomato
  • Middle East countries: Talabat
  • Spain and Central American countries: Glovo 

Here we will be covering the top 8 food ordering apps for food delivery

1. GrubHub

In the US, GrubHub is an online platform for ordering food. It is the giant in the food delivery domain. It has extended its reach to over 4000 US cities and also London. 

The availability of this food delivery app on both android and IOS has made it closer to customers. 

  1. GrubHub was established in 2004
  2. Has over 3,20,00 partnered restaurants
  3. GrubHub will have over 31 million users by 2021.

GrubHub is tasting more success due to its raised consumer base and partner restaurants. Promotional tactics such as coupon rewards in case a customer spends a certain amount are also influential in GrubHub’s success.

2. Uber Eats

Uber Eats has gained significant popularity despite being a late entrant in the food delivery industry. The food delivery mobile application is available in over 500 cities in 25 countries.

Uber Eats is also readily available on both Android and IOS. 

  1. Uber Eats was established in 2014
  2. Has nearly 90,000 restaurant partners.
  3. The app has more than 64.8 million downloads

Despite being late to the food delivery service business, Uber Eats has seen significant growth. The food delivery app provides detailed information as well as feedback from other customers. It aids the potential customer in choosing. 

3. Zomato: A market leader in food delivery

Zomato is an India-based company, but now it is vigorously operating across 25 countries. The app is well-known for its social media marketing strategies. The app not only delivers food delivery, but also proposes the best places to eat in case someone is scheduled to eat at a restaurant.

Zomato is available for both iOS and Android.

  1. Zomato was established in 2008
  2. As of 2021, Zomato has 1.5 million restaurants associated with it
  3. In 2021 Zomato has about 32 million monthly users

Zomato has gained a place among Indian customers’ hearts due to its promotional strategy and quality assistance. The app includes photos, directions, support, and genuine reviews. The Zomato Business Model is amazing and immerses users in the correct way.

4. FoodPanda: A global giant in food delivery

Foodpanda currently operates in over 40 countries. The app is particularly famous in the Philippines. Asia is the largest market for Foodpanda.

Foodpanda is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

  1. Foodpanda was established in 2012
  2. The app is strongly associated to over 39,000 restaurants.
  3. The app has received 31.8 million downloads.

The app is well-known for its social media marketing strategies. The app also includes a tracking system for orders, allowing customers to keep track of their meals.

5.  Swiggy

Swiggy is an Indian food delivery service-providing app. It is one of the finest among Indians as well as other global online food ordering apps. The app can be operated across 500 cities in India. Swiggy is available on iOS and Android devices.

  1. Swiggy was founded in 2014
  2. The app has partnered with 1,40,000 restaurants 
  3. Swiggy currently has approximately 1,25,000 users online.

The app is fairly straightforward yet useful. It displays ratings, reviews, charges, and other necessary information just by choosing the restaurant. The app also includes sections for appetisers, main dishes, and desserts.

6. Deliveroo: A leading food delivery service in Europe

Deliveroo is a London-based food delivery startup that operates in over 200 cities. It is the most prevalent food delivery app in Europe, allowing customers to order food from famous restaurants and restaurants that don’t have a standard setup for dining. Restaurants are compensated with a commission, whereas users are charged based on their orders.

7. Postmates: A food delivery powerhouse in the US

Postmates is a delivery service that operates in over 90 cities across the United States. Postmates operates similarly to many other food delivery apps, with the exception that it also handles groceries and other types of delivery.

A Food Delivery App Should Have The Following Features

All of these apps offer enticing features and services. There is, however, always room for improvement.

  • Wallet System: In order to make an app useful and fascinating service providers can have a wallet system. It can make the refunding and rewarding so much more comfortable. Although this feature is present in many apps beginners tend to bypass it.
  • Premium Plans: Choosing the premium plans and their cost can be useful in user engagement. A lower-priced plan with fundamental features and discounts can lure new customers.
  • Contact Details: Delivering the contact details of the delivery agent is also essential these days and thus it needs to be contained.
  • Tracker: Customers also prefer a tracking system for their orders. So, including it is also a wise move towards growth.

The Food Delivery App Industry’s Future

By 2025, the food delivery app industry is expected to be worth USD 200 billion. Expect the top food delivery companies to continue dominating in 2023 and beyond, leading the industry to new heights.

How Nuox Technologies helps to build a well-functional Food Ordering App?

Digitalization has supplied mankind with ample scope of development. So, the anticipations are also sky-high. Each activity has its own app.
Food delivery apps are dominating the food industry. It delivers the customer’s menus with only known dishes and provides the flexibility of ordering at any time and having it delivered to the door by sharing the location.

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