An AI art platform, Leonardo.Ai, has received a substantial investment to enhance its creative capabilities. A company based in Australia offers tools for creating art tailored to sectors such as gaming and advertising.\

What is Leonardo.Ai?

With Leonardo AI, you can create AI art with generative AI tools. Although Leonardo’s AI image generator is renowned for creating image assets for computer games, it can be used for just about any project. Each day, users can make 150 credits’ worth of images with this freemium service.

A 150 Credit balance should be sufficient to generate several dozen images (around 75) depending on how you use the platform to generate images and manipulate them. Most people should be able to get by with this if they are not heavy users.

Leonardo.Ai, Sydney’s leader in AI-based art production, recently secured a $31 million investment led by a consortium of venture firms. Blackbird, Side Stage Ventures, and Samsung Next are among the backers, demonstrating the growing interest in generative artificial intelligence.

The AI-driven tool Leonardo.Ai, which was launched just one year ago, has amassed a user base of seven million, generating 700 million images so far. Taking advantage of this momentum, the platform now caters to a variety of professional creative fields, including gaming, advertising, and more.

Users can customize and iterate on visual assets cohesively with Leonardo.Ai, thanks to its innovative features. With collaboration tools, APIs, and private cloud hosting options, the platform also caters to enterprise users.

J.J. Fiasson, the CEO and co-founder of Leonardo.AI, has been passionate about generative AI for a long time. Due to its potential applications in content creation, he became engrossed in the technology during his tenure at Raini Studios.

Leonardo.Ai distinguishes itself by emphasizing user control. By letting creators steer the generative process significantly, it differentiates itself from its peers. ‘Live Canvas’ illustrates this approach, which combines text and sketch inputs to render photorealistic images in real time.

In addition to enhancing sales and marketing outreach, Leonardo.Ai plans to enhance its engineering capabilities, underlining a strategic focus on business-to-business sales.

The Leonardo.AI platform for generative AI art secures $31M in funding

Leonardo.Ai will use the new funding to expand its sales and marketing teams during its expansion into enterprise markets. Further innovation is also being driven by bolstering the engineering team.

Since Leonardo.Ai launched last year, over seven million users have created over 700 million images using the company’s generative AI tools. AI-generated characters, artwork, and designs can be created by anyone on the platform.

With Leonardo.Ai, you can fine-tune the AI image generation process, enabling new levels of human-AI collaboration. Users can sketch an idea and see AI-generated interpretations evolve in real-time with the Live Canvas feature. Leonardo.Ai can therefore be viewed as an AI-powered creativity augmentation tool rather than just another AI art generator.

Control to us means utility,” said Leonardo.Ai CEO and co-founder J.J. Fiasson. “You can’t make nice pictures if you don’t have control, so that’s important to us“.

There are applications in gaming, advertising, fashion, architecture, and more. For example, video producers can storyboard scenes quickly, while graphic novel or video game designers can iterate on protagonists. Today, what used to take days or weeks can be accomplished in minutes or hours.

In addition to collaboration tools, private cloud hosting, and APIs for building custom solutions, Leonardo.Ai also caters to enterprise users. By expanding its sales, marketing, and engineering teams, the startup will be able to scale up its enterprise product.

Since Google’s Deep Dream experiments, Fiasson has been fascinated with AI’s creative potential. He wants Leonardo.Ai to usher in the next phase of the generative AI revolution, where AI becomes an integral part of the creative process rather than a passive tool.

Samsung Next participated in the funding round, indicating investors are paying attention to Leonardo.Ai’s mission to humanize artificial intelligence. Rather than replacing human creativity, generative models are augmenting it as they advance at a rapid rate. This middle ground seems well-suited for Leonardo.Ai, which focuses on inventive control features.

Developing synergistic creative potential between humans and AI is now the key. The Leonardo.Ai catchphrase is “We bring imagination to life.” With this latest funding infusion, we can expect even more imagination-fueled AI creativity from Leonardo.Ai in the near future.

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