We use our AI capabilities to create intelligent conversational tools for your organization. These tools cater to customer queries without the need for human intervention. They offer contextually relevant answers based on successfully closed customer queries and related parameters.

Video, Text, and Image Analytics

Our wide range of video, tex, and image analytics brings down analysis time to a few hours instead of 3-4 weeks that it usually takes. The solutions we offer include real-time video analytics of consumers in a store to provide insights about product engagement and placement, with text analytics to classify customer feedback, coupled with image analytics for quality analysis of products and similar product tagging.


Preparing for the future is a strength that can take your business to the next level. Predictive analytics uses data, machine learning, and algorithms to predict future outcomes based on historical data. Your business can identify new opportunities and prevent problems before they arise using this service.


Sales Intelligence allows businesses to boost sales volume by offering educated insights and helpful recommendations. These solutions leverage sales by enhancing customer engagement through personalization and analysing customer reactions.