In just a year following their $11.6 million funding, Berlin’s Kittl has secured an additional $36 million in Series B funding. This round was spearheaded by IVP, with continued support from some prior investors. Kittl, a startup, focuses on developing a graphic design tool that operates directly in web browsers, eliminating the need for app installation.

Two notable competitors come to mind in this context. Firstly, Adobe, a longstanding leader in the creative software industry, known for its flagship products like Illustrator and Photoshop. Secondly, Canva, which has been competing with Adobe, particularly at the more accessible end of the market with its user-friendly design tools. Recently, Bloomberg reported that Canva is in the process of raising a $1.5 billion funding round, valuing the company at $26 billion.

Nicolas Heymann, co-founder and CEO of Kittl, compares their platform to Adobe’s offerings, noting that tasks like exporting from Illustrator can be challenging. In contrast to Canva, Kittl provides a wider array of features and access to the actual graphic files, according to Heymann.

Kittl is targeting the middle market segment by striving to create a design tool that surpasses Canva in power and is free from the legacy complexities of Adobe’s applications. The platform offers free account creation with a subscription required for full feature access.

Heymann describes the typical workflow for designers, involving multiple tools for tasks like using Illustrator, purchasing stock footage, seeking inspiration on Pinterest, and sharing drafts via WeTransfer. Kittl aims to integrate all these functionalities into one tool. It allows users to design various items like logos, T-shirts, cards, and social media posts, starting from a built-in illustration library, a selection of copyright-free photos, and a variety of design templates, with user-contributed new templates.

Users can modify templates by altering colors and elements, adding personalized text, and styling as needed. Final designs can be exported as image or vector files.

Recently, Kittl enhanced its offerings with AI-driven features, including an AI background remover, a generator, and a built-in AI image generator, leveraging technologies from Stability AI, OpenAI, and its own in-house tech. Heymann highlights that these AI tools enable designers to focus more on strategic work rather than manual tasks.

Kittl has surpassed a million users and is gaining traction with B2B clients, including internal users at Netflix and Warner Bros. Heymann points out that companies like Figma, Canva, and PhotoRoom on mobile have shown the potential for innovation in challenging Adobe. As Kittl endeavors to break into Adobe’s creative suite market, its future progress remains to be seen.

Understanding Kittl Design: Evaluating Its Value for Your Investment – Kittl App

Kittl, the newest entrant in the world of web-based graphic design tools, boasts a range of impressive features and templates, priced similarly to Canva Pro. Whether it’s worth the investment largely hinges on your specific needs and the features you frequently use.

Kittl excels with its stunning design templates, particularly those centered around text. The platform allows users to create intricate graphics much more quickly than they would using Adobe Illustrator or Affinity Designer.

Kittl’s graphics and typography employ vector-based design with Bézier curves, similar to what you’d find in Illustrator or Designer, ensuring the graphics are of high quality and infinitely scalable. For those involved in creating graphics for print-on-demand services, Kittl’s templates offer a significant reduction in time and effort. 

The Kittl design app provides a range of tools and resources to elevate your creative endeavors. Utilizing Kittl’s AI design tools, you can effortlessly generate vector logo icons, eye-catching images, and clipart. The app also features sophisticated text editing options, enabling quick and easy real-time text transformations. Moreover, the Kittl editor mode allows for rapid and precise modifications to your designs.

kittl Design – Design Editor and Social Platform

Kittl or Kittl Design is a robust web-based design editor and social platform, offering premium design assets and a thriving community engagement.

Guide to Using Kittl Design:

Step 1:

Begin by accessing through the link above. Once on the website, locate and select the “Try Kittl for Free” option to initiate account creation.

Step 2:

Navigate to the ‘Inspirations’ tab at the top of the page and select ‘Logos’. Then, click on the “Start creating” button to access the Kittl design application. From there, use the available features in the editor to design your logo.

Step 3: 

After finalizing your logo or design, select the “Download” option located at the top right of the screen to save your creation to your device.

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In summary, the Kittl design app demonstrates impressive performance, further enhanced by its AI-based features, showing great potential. The user-centric design of Kittl, evident in its straightforward website interface and quick login process, makes it user-friendly.


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