Unveiling Kick Streaming: A New Player in the Live Streaming Landscape. Kick Live Streaming has emerged as a dynamic platform in the live streaming arena, presenting itself as a creator-friendly alternative to established services like Twitch, YouTube Live, and Facebook Live. Launched officially in January 2023, this platform has quickly gained attention for its unique features, favorable monetization policies, and an array of content categories.

Kick vs. Twitch: A Nuanced Debate

At its core, Kick streaming platform offers a streaming experience similar to its counterparts, with viewers subscribing to creators, sending tips, and participating in high-definition live streams. What sets Kick apart is its commitment to being ‘creator-friendly,’ taking a smaller percentage of earnings, adopting a more relaxed approach toward explicit content, and maintaining transparent guidelines.

Content Variety on Kick: What is Kick Streaming?

Kick.com app covers a broad spectrum of content categories, mirroring platforms like Twitch. From gaming, IRL (In Real Life) streams, and music to gambling (18+ section) and creative arts, Kick caters to diverse interests. Notably, it allows streamers to multi-stream across different platforms, positioning itself as an alternative to exclusive deals often seen on Twitch.

Monetization on Kick:

One of Kick’s standout features is its generous revenue-sharing model. Streamers receive an impressive 95% of subscription earnings, surpassing the industry standard set by platforms like Twitch and YouTube. The platform also introduced a Creator Incentive Program, offering an hourly rate for streamers during its trial phase.

Kick’s Approach to NSFW Content:

Kick adopts a more lenient moderation process compared to Twitch, allowing some sexually themed content on the platform. However, it shares common guidelines with other platforms, cautioning against violence, fraud, drugs, discrimination, and copyright infringement. Users have the option to activate a toggle to block NSFW content if desired.

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The Birth of Kick: What is Kick.com?

Established in October 2022 and officially launched in January 2023, Kick made a swift entry into the market. Speculations suggest its accelerated launch may be linked to Twitch’s ban on unregulated gambling in October 2022, which prompted notable streamers, including Tyler ‘Trainwreck’ Niknam, to explore alternatives.

Ownership and Funding:

Tyler ‘Trainwreck’ Niknam is the public face of Kick, known for leaving Twitch due to the gambling ban. Despite accusations of being ‘funded by gambling,’ Kick’s ownership, officially registered in Australia under Easygo Entertainment, includes investors like Ed Craven, co-founder of the crypto-gambling website Stake.

How to Get Affiliate on Kick Streaming?

Users can download the Kick streaming app for both Apple and Android devices or access it through their web browsers. The app allows viewers to watch livestreams, enter chat, subscribe to channels, and send donations. While mobile streaming is supported, live broadcasting is currently available only on the browser version.

Going Live on Kick:

The process of going live on Kick is reminiscent of Twitch. Streamers need to access their Creator Dashboard, obtain a Stream Key, and configure streaming software. The platform supports RTMP-compatible software like OBS Studio and Restream Studio.

Why Choose Kick for Streaming?

Kick’s appeal lies in its 95-5 revenue split, providing a lucrative opportunity for creators. With a less saturated market compared to Twitch, it offers a platform for emerging streamers to gain traction. Kick’s social features, group streaming, and the ability to multistream on various platforms further contribute to its attractiveness.


Kick Streaming App has swiftly carved a niche for itself in the live streaming domain, positioning as a creator-friendly alternative to established platforms. As it continues to evolve, its unique features and commitment to fair terms for streamers make it an exciting contender in the competitive world of live streaming.

FAQ about Kick Streaming App

  • What is Kick Streaming App?

Kick ( Also known as kick.com) is a platform that offers live video streaming services. This platform is managed by Kick Streaming Pty Ltd and receives support from the co-founders of Stake.com, Bijan Tehrani and Ed Craven, along with the notable streaming personality Trainwreckstv.

  • Is it possible to earn income on the Kick platform?

Kick, a fresh streaming service, focuses on providing greater rewards to its creators. Through the Kick Creator Program, you have the opportunity to earn an income with a smaller viewership. Payment is made on an hourly basis, independent of the number of viewers you have. This enables you to start making money immediately, even with just a handful of viewers.

  • What are the revenue-generating methods for Kick?

Regarding subscription revenue, Kick provides a favorable 95/5 split, where creators retain 95% of the earnings and Kick receives 5%. In contrast, Twitch operates with a 50/50 split. Consequently, creators on Kick earn an additional 45% from their subscription income compared to those on Twitch.

  • Is it possible to stream mobile games on Kick using a phone?

To broadcast mobile games live from your phone, a third-party app is required. In this context, we’ll use PRISM Live Studio: Games & IRL, a free application accessible on both Android and iOS devices.


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