In the rapidly progressing digital space, especially in the mobile application market, new trends and ideas enter the market from time to time. In fact, as per projections of Sensor Tower Store Intelligence, global user spending in mobile apps on Apple’s App Store and Google Play will reach $156 billion by 2024. Thus it goes needless to say that with the booming market, many new startups and investments will pervade the mobile app circuit, with noble innovations to sustain in the cut-throat competition. Hence, in this blog let us lay down the predictions made by mobile app development companies regarding the future of mobile app development by gauging some of the trends that we are awaiting in 2023. 

Top Trends In The Mobile Applications To Watch Out For In 2024

More focus on UI/UX

In the years to come, it is predicted that applications will have more minimalistic and clear interfaces, which makes the design neat and easy to read the content, especially for a mobile phone where the screen is small and people have to constrict more content in that little dimension. Also keeping in mind the change in mobile usage, the apps should provide a good color scheme that is pleasing to the eyes and have aesthetic value, even in dark mode. 

More focus on the camera

Ever since the Covid19 pandemic has shoved people inside their homes and restricted businesses and daily operations indoors, people have to depend excessively on their mobile phones, and therefore for every other mode of communication, applications are becoming more camera focussed. Thus, like all other social media applications, you should take a whiff of this change and incorporate the same in your application.  


Augmented reality and Virtual reality are modes of bridging the gap between the reel and the real world. Especially if your business model aligns with architecture, design, tourism, hospitality, real estate, etc, giving a virtual tour will add enormous value to your customer experience, since you give your users a sneak peek into the actual environment in which they might invest. 

Super Apps

The idea of progressive web apps or super apps brims from the fast pacing life that we are living and the rapid progression we are making towards, an even more intense one. People do not have a lot of time to install and use 10 different apps for their daily work. Rather they like to use fewer apps that do more work. Super apps are such next-generation applications, wherein one large app, and a number of smaller apps are integrated, thus one app does the work of ordering, purchasing, delivery, maintenance, finance, entertainment, etc. For example, Amazon and some other banking applications, where using one app, the user gets to invest, insure, inspect and transact their banking processes and money.  

Voice technology

Now that you know that people are always on the move, they find it easier to speak to their mobile phone than to actually type on it. Thanks to smart assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant, it is predicted to become a booming market of as much as 30 billion USD by 2026.

Focus on wearable technology

If the mobile phone was enough to keep people updated on the move, wearables especially such as smartwatches are highly in vogue. People want applications that they can control from their wearable devices. From fitness tracking, hands-free calling, and multiple application control to cashless payments, this market is predicted to grow by leaps and bounds. 

Customization is the key

One of the key and common features of the majority of popular e-commerce stores is their customization. When you provide the user, flexibility, and freedom to choose their services, price range, appearance, etc, you provide them exactly what they want and when you serve them what they want, they shall serve you what you want, that is more profit. 

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