The Dubai Rest App is a revolutionary application launched by DLD to go paperless and make life easier for tenants and landowners.

About Dubai Rest App

To address the common real estate problems of Dubai residents, the Dubai Land Department launched a REST App (application) in 2018. Read this blog attentively if you want to know what this application is, how it works, and why it is useful.

Here are a few things you should know before moving forward. Thanks to its smart and easy-to-use features, the Dubai REST App serves significant real-estate stakeholders not only in Dubai, but throughout the UAE as well. A major motivation behind its launch is the DLD’s desire to be competitive in the global smart city race.

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Functions of the Dubai Rest App

Trade and conduct real-estate transactions in real time with the Dubai REST app. Additionally, the company offers online services such as mortgage business and Ejari online registration. UAE stakeholders can use the Dubai REST app to issue direct mortgages, deposit funds into clients’ accounts, and decommission mortgages immediately during transactions. Similarly, the app helps both local and international landowners. Dubai REST provides them remote access to control their properties, pay utilities, and conduct other essential transactions.

In this way, third-party agents are not involved in the process, nor are there any hassles related to payments and related activities. This mobile application can also be used by owners’ associations and trustees of under-construction properties. Additionally, users can communicate with interior designers and decorators via the app. Individuals who specialize in interior design can be contacted by homeowners for assistance. In addition, floor plans are accessible online via the app as well.

Dubai Rest App: How To Use It?

You can download and install this app from Google Play Store or iOS. By using the details of your UAE Pass, you can create an account on Dubai Rest App after downloading. As a tenant or property owner, you will need your Emirates ID after logging in. Once you submit your Emirates ID, you must wait for confirmation from DLD. Upon confirmation, you will have access to all property details. Logging in or creating an account is the only option available during this process.To update their profiles, users should visit the Property Trustee office or the DLD office.

Dubai Rest App Features

This smart application can help you accomplish several real estate-related tasks without having to visit the DLD office. The Dubai Rest App has the following key features:-

1. Information in Real Time

The Dubai Rest App offers real-time information as one of its best features. You will be able to get full details about off-plan properties by using this app. Besides tracking the construction status and getting actual images, you can also track your payment status and outstanding amount. These details only help keep track of the development of Off-Plan Properties In Dubai. In addition, the REST app also provides data on Dubai’s sales index and property service charges index.

2. Real Estate Brokers

The smart application also functions as a directory of Dubai’s registered real estate brokers. Not only can you find the names and IDs of the real estate agents, but you can also check their ratings, so you can choose the most reliable one. Furthermore, you will have access to important information about builders, sellers, and management.

3. E-payments and Real Estate Services

In addition to real estate transactions, this app provides other services such as leasing, renting, and selling. As well as these services, you can also send applications, letters and valuation certificates. With this app, you can buy, sell, or rent any apartment, villa, or townhouse in Dubai. You can pay for all of these services through Noqodi (a UAE-certified payment portal).

4. Mortgages

The app can be used by not only home buyers, sellers, property owners, and tenants, but also banks for transactions, providing mortgages, withdrawing mortgages, and many other purposes. 

5. Property Transactions

This app also works like a real estate wallet, enabling its users to execute different types of real estate transactions. The user can sell, buy, mortgage, and even rent their unit anywhere in Dubai.

The Dubai Rest App also offers other services

The Dubai Rest app offers a variety of services in addition to the obvious. 

  • Title deed verification & registration
  • A catalog of services
  • Actual images of off-plan developments
  • Transaction types in real estate
  • Various certificate generations are available
  • Calculating fees


The Final Verdict

Through establishing a professional real estate business sector, developing an innovative real estate regulatory platform, and providing comprehensive oversight and supervision to ensure the security and integrity of customer data, the Dubai REST App contributes to RERA’s strategic goals, including the launch of effective services that ensure customer satisfaction.

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