Blockchain is booming, and it’s only going to get bigger. It is estimated that the blockchain market will reach $67.4 billion by 2026. Blockchain solutions have been widely used in banking and cybersecurity, as well as for payments, smart contracts, and digital identities due to increased investment in the technology. 

As cryptocurrencies gained traction, blockchain technology emerged as one of the most promising technologies for transforming businesses. The blockchain’s potential to make a difference in the competitive market is currently being explored by a wide range of large and medium-sized businesses. By 2025, the global blockchain market is expected to reach USD 39 billion, with 56% of global investments coming from the USA.

Several industries adopted blockchain technology in 2020, raising its profile to new heights. By 2024, it is expected to achieve even greater heights. With the amount of attention blockchain technology is receiving, we can expect more industries to adopt the technology in 2024.

If you are looking for companies developing blockchain, be sure to ask the following questions:

  • How does a company work with blockchain platforms?
  • How does their blockchain development process work?
  • What is the number of blockchain developers in a company?

Based on the criteria mentioned above, we have compiled a list of top companies developing blockchain to look for in 2024.

Here we will discuss the companies developing blockchain technology. Businesses and startups can also find blockchain consulting services on the list.

Why did we compile a list of companies developing blockchain technology?

We were able to reach great results by considering these factors when selecting the top blockchain companies in the UAE:

  • Experience in the market for many years.
  • Testimonials of clients
  • The quality of the products delivered.
  • Size of the team.
  • A wide range of industries have been served by the company.
  • Flexibility.
  • Services cost.
  • Customer reviews and references from the media and other companies.
  • The number of blockchain products delivered.
  • Market and business development expertise.
  • The technology stack.

Let’s move on to the top blockchain companies in the UAE.

Top Blockchain Development Companies in the UAE

#1. Nuox Technologies

Nuox Technologies is the top tier blockchain development company in the UAE with over 16 years of experience building enterprise applications. With expertise in Hyperledger, EVM, Solidity, Cosmos, and Substrate, they provide customized blockchain solutions for businesses of all sizes. Clients can accelerate time-to-market and maximize ROI with their end-to-end blockchain development services. Nuox Technologies builds enterprise-grade decentralized applications with a dedicated team of blockchain developers. Among the platforms they have expertise in are Ethereum, Tezos, Hyperledger, Polkadot, Tron, Stellar and EOS. Nuox has delivered scalable and robust blockchain solutions to startups and enterprises on more than 60 blockchain projects.

#2. Appinventiv

Through its world-class custom decentralised blockchain solutions, Appinventiv enables organisations ranging from startups to enterprises to tap into the blockchain universe.

Having delivered multiple custom blockchain solutions, Appinventiv has almost a decade of industry experience. The company’s team of more than 500 blockchain experts has extensive experience working on a wide variety of blockchain projects, serving the needs of a wide range of industries and businesses.

#3. ScienceSoft

ScientistSoft offers end-to-end blockchain application development services based on 34 years of IT expertise.ScienceSoft has successfully delivered IT initiatives to more than 1,200 clients from 75 countries.

In addition to blockchain development consulting, ScienceSoft also offers blockchain implementation and quality assurance services.

#4. Ripple

In addition to moving, managing, and tokenizing value, Ripple enables financial institutions, businesses, governments, and developers to use blockchain technology in their transactions.

Compared to traditional financial services, Ripple provides faster, more transparent, and more cost-effective enterprise blockchain solutions. In addition to American Express, BBVA, and BMO, Ripple’s secure blockchain network is used by many international financial institutions.

#5. Coinbase

In 2012, Coinbase was founded as a platform for storing, transferring, and buying cryptocurrencies.

 As a global brand, it helps people convert crypto into and out of their local currencies, creating an open financial system for the world.

Coinbase, led by CEO and Co-Founder Brian Armstrong, allows 245,000 ecosystem partners in more than 100 countries to easily and securely invest, spend, save, earn, and use crypto. Over 100 million clients in over 100 countries use the company’s crypto exchange, which holds US$114 billion in safeguarded assets.

#6. Binance

With the largest digital asset exchange in the world, Binance is the world’s leading blockchain ecosystem. To provide crypto infrastructure in the world of tomorrow is its mission.

Over 350 different cryptocurrencies are available on Binance’s cryptocurrency exchange, which was founded by Changpeng Zhao in 2017. 

Two of Binance’s own cryptocurrencies have been launched, Binance Coin (BNB) and BinanceUSD (BUSD). In addition to starting out as an Ethereum token, Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is Binance’s proprietary blockchain. The BNB chain was formed by merging this chain with the older Binance Chain. 

According to the company, its platform features an unmatched portfolio of financial products and is trusted by millions of people worldwide.

#7. SoluLab’s

Solulab is a leading blockchain business enterprise in the UAE. Solulab is at the forefront of revolutionizing industries through blockchain solutions thanks to its strong understanding of innovation and technology. They have experience in a wide range of sectors, including finance, healthcare, delivery chain, and real estate. Through the use of blockchain technology, Solulab complements transparency, security, and performance in business methods. Solulab continues to play a pivotal role in shaping the virtual landscape of the UAE, with a song document of awards and recognitions.

#8. Tech Alchemy

In the UAE, Tech Alchemy is an outstanding blockchain organization. Tech Alchemy is making great strides in blockchain solutions with a strong focus on technological innovation. Their information spans a wide range of industries, such as finance, healthcare, logistics, and more. TBy utilizing blockchain technology, Tech Alchemy aims to improve records security, transparency, and operational efficiency. Tech Alchemy is transforming UAE business through their contemporary solutions.

#9. Cubix

Cubix is a distinguished blockchain company based in the UAE. Technologically advanced, Cubix is a leader in blockchain solutions. In addition to finance, healthcare, and the past, the organizations have an impact on many other sectors. Cubix strives to raise safety, transparency, and operational efficiency for companies by harnessing blockchain technology. Having pioneered the virtual evolution of the UAE’s commercial environment, Cubix is an active participant within the ent enterprise.

#10. OpenXcell

The OpenXcell blockchain organization is based in the UAE. Dedicated to technological innovation, OpenXcell is leading the way in blockchain solutions. An employer’s information spans a range of industries, including finance, healthcare, and delivery chain. With blockchain technology, OpenXcell strives to enhance facts safety, transparency, and operational efficiency for companies. OpenXcell has a proven track record of contributing to the virtual transformation of the UAE’s enterprise landscape.

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FAQs About Companies Developing Blockchain in UAE:

Q1: What services do those groups offer?

A1: Blockchain development, clever agreement introduction, decentralized utility development, and blockchain integration are just some of the services provided by these agencies.

Q2: What is the best way to choose an employer?

A2: Look for an organization with experience, a portfolio of previous work, client testimonials, and the capability to understand the specific requirements of your project.

Q3: Do those corporations work with startups as well as established companies?

A3: Yes, many of those groups have enjoyed working with startups and connected agencies, tailoring their answers to each consumer’s specific needs.


A flourishing blockchain development ecosystem thrives in the UAE, where corporations are pushing innovation to new heights. Whether you are a startup or an established company, these top 10 companies developing blockchain will help you harness the power of blockchain generation to transform your business. Take the time to thoroughly research each business enterprise and select the one that aligns with your task needs and is visionary.

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