Your customers will be more satisfied with a better user experience if you have the right IT resources. With expert development staff on your team, you can keep up with the growing online competitiveness. Due to changing market trends, their expertise enables you to overcome challenges.

If hiring new resources is expensive, time-consuming, and inconvenient, how can you always have highly skilled techies on your development team? A solution to this problem is resource augmentation.

What is Resource Augmentation?

The term resource augmentation refers to a flexible and cost-effective outsourcing strategy. In the resource augmentation model, companies hire tech talent globally from a third-party agency on a contract basis. For start-ups, mid-tiers, and large enterprises, resource and staff augmentation is the quickest, most flexible way to hire specialists. In most cases, companies who use resource augmentation have full-time staff in place who cannot perform the task for some reason. Rather than hire full-time teams for specific tasks, companies hire specialists in specific fields. Throughout the project, in-house staff and augmented resources work together. A popular option for augmented employees is to work from home or at their workplace.

Also, companies choosing this model enjoy cost-effectiveness, speed of hiring, and flexibility to grow or cut the augmented team as needed. Recruiting and extending teams has always been a challenge for most companies. It appears that resource augmentation is an effective solution to this problem.

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Resource Augmentation Benefits for Companies

  • Access to a Wide Talent Pool

Hiring specialists could be a major challenge for modern companies.Increasingly, people are choosing freelance working conditions since companies need the best talent. Resource and staff augmentation solves this problem by offering organizations a variety of options based on their current requirements. An organization cannot leverage market talent if it hires permanently. With resource augmentation, organizations can choose from specialists with different skills, levels of experience, and backgrounds, adjusting teams according to their custom needs.

  • On-the-go hiring

Flexibility is one of the key benefits of IT resource augmentation. Resource augmentation is the best way to stay flexible and adapt to changes in modern organizations. Companies are able to hire employees based on their short-term needs with this cooperation model.Specialists can be hired for one month or for a year, depending on the project. As a result of this flexible hiring process, the company avoids unnecessary costs associated with permanent hiring, insurance coverage, and the time needed to hire a full-time employee.

  • A cost-effective solution

As we mentioned, team augmentation is a contractual arrangement.Rather than hiring full-time employees, companies can hire specialists for a week, two weeks, a month, or a year.Hiring augmented employees does not involve the high costs associated with in-house teams. Firstly, agencies offer specialists from their pools to companies, which reduces hiring costs. Furthermore, team augmentation doesn’t require insurance, sick days, vacations, or other staffing costs.

  • Having access to specific skills

It is true that experience and background come with age, but companies need specific skills right now.Due to the growing popularity of blockchain and Metaverse, organizations cannot wait until their employees are proficient in these areas.It is also necessary for healthcare companies to hire developers with relevant backgrounds in order to make their mHealth solutions compliant with regulatory requirements. Due to the fact that every company needs something unique, it can be challenging to hire people with the necessary skills. The resource augmentation process allows companies to quickly hire specialists with a broad range of skills, resulting in a project being developed by the most unique talent available at a lower cost.

  • Adaptation and expansion

By offering flexibility in hiring, companies are able to expand their operations on a trial basis.It will save them from investing in full-time employees.Organizations often scale up their businesses to benefit from changing market conditions. Globally, however, the risks associated with full-time employees are preventing organizations from scaling. The use of resource augmentation allows firms to minimize and eliminate these risks by hiring teams on a project basis to test their skills and expertise. Today, staff augmentation is the preferred option for most companies due to this reason.

  • Managed and controlled sustainably

Organizations may leverage development to specialists hired from another agency, but they still retain full control over the team and project. Staff augmentation, unlike outsourcing, ensures that only human resources are outsourced to an external agency, unlike outsourcing. As a result, your company is responsible for the management and control of the project.

How Do You Know When Resource Augmentation Is Needed?

You are already working with a team, but you want to add professionals to be your steering wheel for another part of the project. The organization wants to hire engineers with skills outside the country’s standard to work on a new technology product or project.

Resource Augmentation Framework

#1. Determine your needs

  • Calculate the number of new hires. Come up with a specific figure with your management.
  • Identify the ideal candidate specifications, such as expertise, qualifications, and years of experience.

#2.  Evaluate and Choose

  • Begin the search process after reviewing the requirements thoroughly.
  • By interviewing and testing all candidates who meet your criteria, you can find and evaluate the best candidates.

#3. The assimilation of new team members

  • There’s more to it than just hiring. It is important that you feel comfortable and easily integrated into the culture of the company.
  • Make sure all new employees understand your company’s procedures, rules, and values.

#4. Support and nurturing on a continuous basis

  • Even after the integration phase is complete, provide ongoing support to new employees.
  • In order to build strong relationships with them, ask them for feedback.

Final Thoughts

Any size company can benefit from Resource Augmentation. Companies no longer hire in-house specialists whenever they need team extensions.In order to stay relevant long-term and cut unnecessary costs, organizations must be flexible and proactive.The resource augmentation model has quickly become the top choice for this purpose. See who we can offer to power up your development process by contacting our experts!

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