Experience the amalgamation of the ultimate fitness regime and intelligent technology.

The Unique Challenge

The concept of Trainpad is to give people the freedom to create their own workout sessions and make their fitness goals rather than following others blindly.


  • Health


  • 2023


  • Flutter Development
  • Mobile Application
  • Python DJango Development

Case Study

The most unique feature of Trainpad is that it gives the users complete freedom to customize and create their own workout regime from scratch and share it with others, creating a dynamic community.

Also Trainpad offers you a unique way of offering the knowledge of the equipments you are using in the gym. All you have to do is scan the equipment using the app and you shall know exactly how it can help you.

The application also keeps track of how much you push yourself each day, so you know all the hustle you have been doing every single day and move ahead.

Using the application, you can also follow the fitness regime of your mentors and friends and keep your inspiration alive.



The Solutions

We created an application that is extremely user-friendly so that users can navigate through it easily when hitting the gym. The robust development makes sure that the application does not undergo glitches and is perfectly ready to help you in the gym every day.

To make sure that Trainpad could offer its unique features well, we have built each functionality and tested it adeptly so that users can enjoy their fitness experience with Trainpad day in and day out.

Design Powered By Conception

Design Powered By Conception

Conceptualized To Bring Customization To Fitness

With Trainpad we envision creating a niche among fitness applications for users who want to create their own fitness regime. The application provides knowledge, gives flexibility, and makes you a part of a zealous community.