Human Resource Management System That actually simplifies the management process

The Unique Challenge

To create an application that is easy to use and extends collaboration and customization to the highest order. It brims from the most innate visions of our team, creative, comprehensive, and custom-made for all your organizational needs.


  • HRM
  • Technology


  • 2019


  • Front End Development
  • UX Design

Case Study

An application that has all features fitting the organization and provides flexibility as per the workforce’s diverse roles.

The Solutions

We created an application on which Employees can log in and view information about their employment history, colleagues, and career highlights. Rel8 allows task creation, deadline management, and other features such as; fact sheet function, document management, organizational structure-charting, a calendar for employees’ vacation/Time off management functionality, and an internal group chat. All of the above functionalities can be set according to the overall company policies.

Design adds value
faster than it adds costs

Conquering markets.
Driving revenue.

Expert-level development from front to back

Nuox created an application that is an HRM tool, designed with team cohesion in mind. It allows simplified control over sensitive information and access to it. It is an application that facilitates enhanced operations for better results.