Chase your goals like never before Raise the bar of your fitness & wellness

The Unique Challenge

Chase Challenges app was to be created keeping the health and fitness of the community in mind. By giving access to all types of users from all walks of life, this fitness mobile application is to become a great addition to the health and fitness communities.

The challenge was creating a mobile application that provides all that is expected from a fitness app yet keeps the focus on the community & unity of fitness enthusiasts.


  • Health
  • Technology


  • 2022


  • Mobile Application
  • Python DJango Development
  • UX Design

Case Study

Chase Customized Challenges to become the perfect fit for fitness lovers.

The Solutions

Nuox created the Chase mobile app to assist participants in creating groups with shared interests to join in scheduled competitions. Using the Chase application you can establish a group with friends, family & coworkers. Through the application, one can create and participate in challenges and events. Activities can be tracked via Apple Watch, Fit Bit, Google Fit, and Garmin.

Encourage you stay motivated
and meet your goals

Encourage participants
to stay motivated

Meeting your goals Conquering challenges.

Expert-level development for expert challenge takers.
Chase Customized Challenges are the Perfect Fit for Fitness lovers.

With Nuox, Chase was able to realize its mission of driving the zeal for health and fitness in a more intuitive way, that is to say that motivation for better wellness and living starts from our own communities.