Introducing a Better Way to Shop luxury from the comfort of your own home

The Opportunity and the Idea

Bergen Diamonds provides the best diamond jewellery online. They offer real-value lab-grown diamonds. Every diamond store needs ring sizing tools. Following the website design, Nuox developed the Bergen mobile application.


  • Fashion
  • Technology


  • 2020


  • Mobile Application
  • UX Design

Case Study

The reason behind the creation of the Bergen ring sizer mobile app was to provide customers with an easy way to measure their ring size before placing an order.

The Solutions

The Bergen ring size calculator can be used by calibrating any mobile phone using a debit/credit card or using coins after that clients can place the ring on the screen and adjust the diameter accordingly. The app works seamlessly for all European sizes and is supported by iOS and Android

Bergin diamonds allows clients to get customized Diamonds on the website. Clients can choose the color, material, and shape. Using the app we developed clients can measure their ring sizes all services are accessible online.

Design adds value
faster than it adds costs

Conquering markets.
Driving revenue.

Expert-level development from front to back

In our pursuit of becoming a diamond in this rhinestone world, our collaboration with Bergen diamonds took us a notch higher on the credibility chart, where we developed a seamless application which helps Bergen offer greater levels of customer convenience.